God’ Presence – My Reverence

I picked up a commentary guide by Warren Wiersbe on the book of Ezekiel. Today I read Ezekiel 10 and found a further description of the consequences of the sin of the people – His glory would be departed from the temple. The chapter describes the cherubs who take the coals of God’s judgment and scatter them over the City (Vs. 2) At first glance, who would care about the description – so it talks about the different faces, the wheels, the coals? Other times in my Bible reading, I would have just passed over this as inconsequential. BUT I am curious.

What I can gather is that these cherubs are the deliverers of the judgment – God’s glory is slowly departing from the people due to their lack of repentance and true reverence for the holiness of God.

I begin to examine my own reverence toward’s God – This book by Wiersbe is entitled Be Reverent. I am going to look more for that application as I continue to study.

Again, I am not sure if I am picking up on all that there is to pick up on and apply and see historically or prophetically significant, but I am looking for continued time with God and a true enjoyment of His Word.

Psalm 2:11
Serve the LORD with reverent fear, and rejoice with trembling.

Clarke’s Commentary http://bible.cc/psalms/2-11.htm

Serve the Lord with fear – A general direction to all men. Fear God with that reverence which is due to his supreme majesty. Serve him as subjects should their sovereign, and as servants should their master.

Rejoice with trembling – If ye serve God aright, ye cannot but be happy; but let a continual filial fear moderate all your joys. Ye must all stand at last before the judgment-seat of God; watch, pray, believe, work, and keep humble.


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  1. I love your comments, I am so glad that we will have a Savior standing at the judgement seat of God with us to be our lawyer before God; which took all our sins upon himself so we could be saved. “Oh What a Savior”

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