Holy nation/lives gone wrong

Ezekiel 20-22

It’s amazing just how long the book of Ezekiel can go on describing the lack of reverence that Israel has developed towards their God.  These chapters continue on as the pronouncement of judgment continues.  Ezekiel is quick to point out to the current nation that THEIR sin of idolatry, adultery, usury is what is bringing God’s judgment; it’s not the sins of their fathers.  The people had sat trying to justify that they were not as faithless as their fathers and grandfathers who had wandered in the wilderness; however, God shows them through more “action sermons” of Ezekiel that this is the punishment for THEIR lack of reverence towards God.

God will use the Babylonians to destroy the temple in Jerusalem.  What a shame this is!  The people’s own place of worship, designed for them to enjoy the presence of the Lord, will be destroyed because of their failure to come to repentance, to take hold of their relationship and covenant with the God who had been so faithful to the nation of the past.  Why couldn’t they learn from the example of their forefathers?  Learn the ways in which the people had failed and had lived a whirlwind life of sin, judgment, repentance, and renewed relationship with God.  HE had a perfect plan, but they allowed wickedness to reign in their nation – God would bring war that would destroy the land and lives, and then would scatter them to live among the heathen nations that they had become accustomed to following.  That’s what it would take for them to see that they had broken the covenant established with their God.

Israel had an obligation to obey and serve the Lord; He had chosen them.  Instead of living up to the holy nation He had intended them to be, they fell into the wickedness of the nations around them.  God pleaded with them, but to no avail.  God’s character could not (cannot) allow this to continue – HIS justice would be (will be) dealt.

God has called me to be set apart for Him.  He has chosen me and desires that I be preserved to be a light to the unsaved.  He has a perfect plan for me, and no matter how difficult I may think it is to stay on the path He has chosen for me, I need to be constantly reminded that HIS “perfect” is better than MY “perfect.” He pleads for me to follow, no matter what the inconvenience it may cause, the faith to follow without seeing the end,  to remain faithful through my weariness, display HIS joy moment-by-moment.  All so that I can remain a light to a lost world and I can remain a testimony of God’s AMAZING life I have been chosen to.  That my family, coworkers, students, brothers and sisters in Christ can be lifted up and have a more increased desire to live out that AMAZING life as well.  

Lord, I want to draw closer to you today,

gaining strength and stamina for my walk in life.  

Only in you can I find




and mercy,

and I praise you for that fact.  

Make me an instrument in my hurting, hateful world just as Ezekiel was in his.


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