“they shall know that I am the LORD”

The book of Ezekiel uses this phrase SIXTY times in its 48 chapters, most of them in chapters 27-29 as God declares destruction and judgment of the neighbors of the Jews.

The Lord reveals His attributes through His judgments just as much as He does through His blessings, and sometimes His judgments get our attention much more quickly – Wiersbe

Ezekiel 29-32 continue in the description of the judgment of a very famous Old Testament country, Egypt. You know, the pyramid building, pharaoh worshipping, Nile reliant society.  A country that for long had dominated the Middle East, would lose its power and would never return to the glory of its Pharaoh days.  Even after God had judged Egypt with the plagues prior to the exodus, Egypt failed to see God as the ultimate sovereign of the world.  But “they shall know that I am the Lord, ” would be said of them following the Babylonian takeover of this country.

How often do we come to a “they shall know that I am the Lord” moment in our lives.  As the Wiersbe quote above displays, it’s usually through the times of “judgment” on our lives after we have lived with unconfessed sins.

I want to live today knowing my God through a closer walk I develop with HIM.  If I am honored enough to be granted HIS blessings today, may I “know that HE is the LORD.”  Being reminded of HIS creation, HIS protection, HIS direction, HIS guidance, HIS love, HIS provision, HIS sweet care in the daily moments I live out.  These are the character traits of God that allow me to know HE IS THE LORD.


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