Desiring to Know God More

On top of a growing desire rekindled within me to try to know God more, a recent workshop I attended inspired and encouraged me to develop a biography of God.  My mind immediately turned to a book I purchased 3 years ago – My Biography of God by Sam Brock.  I came home from the workshop and found that book, realized I barely started developing it, and became excited about getting back to it.  Basically, it’s a way to weekly study one portion of scripture and become saturated in that one portion, reflecting on God’s character and recording that character interactively throughout the book.  It’s not a completed book about God that someone else wrote – It’s MY reflections on God and a way for me to be reminded of the goodness, omnipotence, wisdom, peace, patience, redemption, etc. of God in my life.  I get to write it and study and memorize along the way.

So, I start this week on Colossians 1:9-29 “By Him All Things Consist.”  I hope to share things I come across along the way, and hopefully stay with it for the weeks ahead.

I am so thankful for the Creation God allows us to enjoy daily; I want to know the God of this Creation more



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