A Fresh and Supportive Look at Assessment

During my get-a-way vacation, I brought many books along.  I realized that NONE of them were novels or read-for-entertainment books.  Instead I had 3 books for Bible study and  5 books to improve teaching.  So, I guess my vacation isn’t so much for getting away from work, but rather to do work away from the regular interruptions of my at-home routine.

 The first book I completed was one I started last week – How to Assess Higher-Order Thinking Skills  (portions of the book found here) by Susan M. Brookhart.  Brookhart does a wonderful job compiling a variety of sources from the original Bloom’s Taxonomy (did not stay on this topic too long since there are a multitude of more innovative approaches) to the new way of looking at creative thinking in Partnership for 21st Century Skills.

I was most excited to see that this author brings in practical examples of how to do these higher order thinking skills.  Believe me…I have read many books and looked at many websites that offer samples, but this book gave me a creative approach.  There were always multiple choice samples (not your regular content, rote type either), essay samples, and project ideas.

Table of contents includes

  • assessing analysis, evaluation, and creation
  • assessing logic and reasoning
  • assessing judgment
  • assessing problem solving
  • assessing creativity and creative thinking

All in all, I have taken some applicable methods away from this book.  With just 150 pages, this resource was a quick read but invaluable.


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