She Shares – On Prayer and Detox

A few weeks ago, I attended a wellness retreat where I was enabled to eat Clean foods and experience some great physical activity.  I started following one of the fitness instructors Bobbi McCormick on Twitter and then linked up to a hashtag #shereadstruth Bobbi had tweeted. Long story short…I have linked up to a group that shares things they are learning from their daily devotions.  Currently, there is an accountability group reading through devotions on Prayer through the YouVersion app.  (You can do the plans online even if you don’t have a SmartPhone)  I have become enthralled with this group as the team posts weekly verses for memorization that you can make into your own little creation and save as a lockscreen on your phone.  

Through YouVersion, I first started a series on Soul Detox.  It appealed to me since I had just returned from a Physical Detox.  It’s 5 weeks and goes through things in our lives that are toxic – week 1: thoughts, week 2: words, week 3: fear.  Here are some lessons learned this week

  • Embrace wisdom and seek God’s Word so that I may respond to toxic words around me in a godly way (Proverbs 4)
  • I speak toxic words because I lack self-control (James 3)
  • Speak LIFE-GIVING words; Replace CLAMOR (shouting angrily) with a sincere tone and attitude that matches the kindness I so desperately want to show others (this mostly applies to the CLAMOR that can come out at home)   Ephesians 4:17-33
  • When you think positively about someone, share it with them (Matthew 12: 22-37)
  • Toxic fears drive much of my day – fear of inadequacy, not getting enough done, fear of failing.  So many days, I draw inward and just don’t attempt life – I don’t reach out to others.  I want that fear to be replaced with power. love, and self-control (II Timothy 1:1-18)

The current lessons on Prayer from SheReadsTruth started over a week ago. I love that I can tweet a pic and then follow others who have done the same.  I don’t know these people, but I love sharing what I have learned.  I know that my instagram followers may get tired of seeing a bunch of pics of my journal pages, but it is my way of staying accountable.  Here are some reminders and lessons learned:

  • May I never fail to bring my troubles to a God who hears me day or night and who is loyal and good to answer my cry (Psalm 55:16-17)
  • If you refuse to obey what you have been taught, your prayers will not be heard (Proverbs 28:9)
  • The one who humbles himself in prayer will be exalted (Luke 18:1-14)
  • Christ begged the Father to sanctify His disciples and to keep them from evil (John 17).  May I lift others up in this same way
  • I don’t want my insecurities take me away from the path and direction that God has established for me – May I continue to pray for His guidance (I Kings 8:44-45)

What lessons from God’s Word are you ready to share with others today?  Are you prepared to be accountable by letting others know?


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  1. I am also reading the Prayer and Detox together! I totally agree with your points and have learned the same! 🙂

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