She Shares – More on Prayer and Soul Detox

As I mentioned last week, I have become attached to some great Bible study plans through YouVersion, and I have been reading each day, tweeting my reflections, and now sharing my lessons and thoughts for the week as a part of SHE SHARES on

I am continuing the Reading Plans for Prayer and Soul Detox; here are some of the week’s highlights.  Maybe you can take one or two away with you today


Don’t fear the weaknesses I see in self ; HIS grace is sufficient ; HIS power is made perfect in my weakness (II Cor 12:7-9)

He hears me in my desperation (Ps. 5:1-3)

If I would be more consistent in sharing my faith, I would be reminded more often of the blessing Christ gives  (Phil 1:3-5; Philemon 1:4-6)

Joy, prayer, and thankfulness should NOT depend upon my circumstances; they should be a part of my routine (I Thes. 5:16-18)


Fear is placing faith in the “What ifs”; I have many “what ifs” that fuel my toxic fear (Ex. 4:1-27)

How different life can be when I put FULL TRUST in God and strive for Him daily (Ps. 34: 1-22)

Cultural toxins (those things that are culturally acceptable but damaging to my soul) can make my life in Christ (which is intended to bring forth pure fruit) as a contaminated and useless vessel (like a muddy spring or a dirty well) Proverbs 25:26-27


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