Five Minute Friday – Beautiful

The Gypsy Mama shares this great idea to write every Friday for 5 minutes on a topic.

Want to take five minutes with me and just write without worrying if it’s just right or not.


I know it’s the usual….”God makes all things beautiful, in HIS time.”  Short and sweet little song you usually learn in church.  But I feel my life is beautiful.  The beauty has come from wreckage, from ashes, from doubt and confusion, from insecurity.  But….beautiful, nonetheless.  Do I always understand why or how and when things will be clear in the midst of the fog and continual “June gloom.”  No, not usually, but I am learning that the fog is sometimes the best place to be.  See, there is generally a beautiful scene pictured beyond the fog along with hazards in the way.  If I just saw the hazards, I would not take the foggy path.  But because I rely upon a heavenly Father to help me navigate through the unclear moments, I can trust that there is beauty in the midst of the trial. HE does make all things according to HIS beautiful plan.  I need to see HIS perspective on a moment-by-moment basis and understand that HIS divine vision far surpasses my human vision.

Of course, lastly with these last few seconds, I also remember a the beauty I see in my daughter, who is growing according to a plan as well.  Emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.  I am blessed to see God’s beautiful plan for her in the midst of my imperfect motherhood.


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