Monthly Archives: August 2013

The Seesaw of Trust and Worry

My word is a lamp unto your feet; My presence is a light unto your path

Psalm 119:105

As I head into the last true week of summer and plan to move ahead into a new school year, I am encountering an emotion that I am all-to familiar with: Fear and Worry.  I sit for what seems like hours sometimes just going over and over material and how to best present it and whether or not kids will like it and how will I engage my students most effectively.  I am reminded today of God’s great grace in my life as well as His desire that I trust in Him.  I am so thankful that the Word of God can bring light to my path…the only thing standing in the way is me.  It’s like there’s a great light shining on the path ahead and I am standing in front of it, looking into the darkness, searching for direction, never realizing that it is I who is blocking the lightTrust.001

Lord, help me today to stand aside.  To let your Word bring light to the path I am on, so that I can stop trusting in my blind self and rather reach the point of trusting that YOU go before me, planning my purpose and preparing students’ hearts for YOUR history.   When I move aside, YOU can accomplish your purpose and plan.  Bless my intentions, but easy my fear and worry in the weeks to come.  AMEN!!!