Our spiritual legacy


anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend church with my daughter at Beachpoint and was extremely blessed by the sermon that her pastor presented on “Crafting a Spiritual Legacy.” (Deuteronomy 6:1-9)  Of course, we all know that people look at us, imitate us perhaps, and are positively or negatively impacted by the character we demonstrate.  But I was able to approach the topic in a deeper direction as God used the day for reflection and instruction for my soul. So, here are some of the things I gleaned as I listened, mused, and now share.

Because God desires to bless us, obedience to His Word is of utmost importance

The past 2-3 years, I have read and studied God’s Word often looking for direction in my life regarding my salvation of grace and the powerful gospel that Christ so lovingly lived out as the Son of God.  While I know that obedience doesn’t win me grace, I also know through Scripture and through life experience that obedience to the commands and principles of Scripture bring my life into harmony with the will and desires that God has for me.  It is in the first three verses of Deut. 6 that Moses reminds Israel that God had promised them a great nation and fertile land when they followed God’s command.  Moses desired that the people of Israel would be blessed.  They were his people whom he had risked his life before Pharaoh to release from slavery in Egypt.  He begged them for obedience because he knew personally of the blessings that God could provide.

So, what have I left behind as a legacy in regards to obedience?  

In my relationship with my husband, daughter, sister, father, mother, friends (and my students each new year),  have I encouraged obedience because of the command God gives or have I allowed them to hear and to see that obedience transferred into holiness and the character of Christ displayed in my relationships with them?

You can’t take your kids any further than you are willing to go – Pastor Bill  Staffieri

What has my daughter learned about her personal choices, her approach to Scripture, unconditional love for those around her, her desires to have a godly husband and children, her service to others through a church ministry?  How have my actions and words (or lack of them) helped her come to a place where her life is about God, dependency on Him and not self, and security in His grace?  I desire the people that I speak to every day to recognize Christ in me, but “you won’t stumble upon a spiritual legacy.  You must intentionally develop it.” (Staffierri)  I can’t just say that is my desire, I must be intentional each day to live out genuine care, compassion, and respect for others as commanded through Scripture.  But also important is that living this way brings me peace and hopefully brings others closer to that realization as well.  Life is truly blessed and at rest when we are patterning it after the precepts and instructions of God’s Word.

What a great legacy that has been left for me!

I have been blessed with Christian grandparents.  The Douglas family has been a continual example of service and love for God as well as a genuine concern for my life in Christ.  Not a phone call goes by that my grandparents do not ask about how things are in my spiritual life.  My late Mema Cantrell had a spark in her conversations about the Lord.  It was through her as I got a little older that I really began to understand enthusiasm for Christ as I would discuss Scripture with her.  She demonstrated true forgiveness and mercy as she had realized just how much forgiveness and mercy she had been given from God.  My parents raised me to seek relationship with Christ.  I have grown closer to them as I get older and can discuss the things that the Lord is challenging me to learn.  God even blessed me with in-laws (mom, dad, sisters, brothers) that continually demonstrate godly character and provide an example of traits that I want in my life.  God is awesome in his provision for me!  My prayer is that my life provides a spiritual legacy that is worthy of the name of Christ.



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