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Five Minute Friday – FEAR

I have got my cup of coffee in hand and ready to surf over to to find out today’s word….here we go….5 minutes


We are told to FEAR THE LORD, that God has not given us the spirit of FEAR but of love and power and self-control (a sound mind).  But fear often grips us at the core of our spirit.  We fear the unknown, mostly things we have no control over.  Fear strangles our abilities to accomplish tasks, to move forward in life, and to follow through with convictions or goals we wish to achieve.

I still have fear.  Moving out by faith a couple of years ago in search of a new direction in my career, I found peace and joy.  It took much trust and confidence and dependence upon God, but He directed my path and has brought great comfort in the path.  But I still fear on a daily basis the things I cannot control.  Why do I not learn from those precious times where I feel the arms of God surrounding me?…I am thankful for this time…today…this very Friday….it’s a reminder that He would have me embrace His power and love and self-control rather than the fear that can paralyze my thoughts and take captive the peace and joy.

I Samuel 12:24

But be sure to fear the LORD and serve him faithfully with all your heart; consider what great things he has done for you.



The Foundation Cornerstone – The courage of ordinary men with an extraordinary testimony

Peter and John were just ordinary men with an extraordinary testimony and strength they only received through the saving power of Christ.  They were not afraid of prison, persecution, or any other threat that could be made.  Instead of backing down against the threats, they prayed for more boldness so that they could share the dramatic change that Christ had made in their lives and prepare others for a life free from sin, prepared for Christ’s return to the earth.  Their first-hand eyewitness accounts of Christ were so powerful that these men could not back down; they wanted all to hear and believe.  I need to be willing to share the first hand accounts of the grace, peace, and hope God has provided to me through the saving blood of Christ.

Here is the third installment of the book of Acts through Timelines

Acts Chapters Three And Four

Time for the Growth of the Gospel – Acts 2

So, bringing on the second installment of my study in Acts.  I love the historical look at the book as well as the way the Old Testament is used by the Apostle Peter to remind the Jews of the prophecy being fulfilled on this Day of Pentecost circa AD 30.  Enjoy my next timeline hosted here..

Acts Chapter Two Timeline

Taking Time in the Book of Acts

Mount of Olives

So, something I have realized as a teacher is that I am a hands on learner who likes to touch and feel and organize information (in “teachy” terms, this is called Kinesthetic and Visual learning.)  So, as I approach the book of Acts, I am going to venture into using a tool that I came across in my teacher studies.  It’s a timeline that integrates both video, image, and text.  I figure if I do something with the material I am reading and studying about, perhaps more will stick with me. So, here is the first installment of my Timeline for Acts.  (we will see how many other installments I end up with)  Mostly, this is for me, but I figured I would share and perhaps you can learn something, too.

Timeline for Acts Chapter One

Five Minute Friday: World

The world is a huge place, offering great treats around every corner.  Any place you can imagine is available for travel, along with specific traditions, food, language, and landscape.  I have only been to a few places outside of the United States, but one things that is consistent around the world is variety, ironically.

While visiting Greece, I saw the beauty of the ocean one day and the mountains the next.  There is a world of knowledge there as well as the country is steeped in history, mythology, and even religion.

Belgium had a different history…more medieval.  It thrilled my spirit to spend time looking at the architecture of the buildings in and out of the city.

What a wonderful world we live in, where people can visit with others of different backgrounds, yet find common ground most of the time through emotion.

I would love to travel more of the world, but for now I will enjoy the amazingness of what is near me…the ocean, mountains, desert, and busyness…and I will continue to add to my Pinterest page all the spaces that I would love to see more of 🙂

Back at the Five Minute Friday: GIFT

Every day is actually a perfect little gift, wrapped up and sent directly from my Father, my Creator, my Savior, my Redeemer.  He takes the sunshine and delivers it bright in the morning,  He allowed someone through history to realize that coffee beans were perfect to make the drink that would bless me each morning.  He enabled me with the GIFT to teach and then be touched and inspired by the little gifts that arrive in my classroom each day, even on those days where I dragged myself to work.  He gifted me with a family that is to die for.  A husband of 21 years, a daughter of 20, a sister of 37, a mom, a dad, and a family of in-laws who are nothing but real family.  Throughout the day, I receive GIFTS of a cool ocean breeze, a co-workers gentle smile, or a student’s appreciation.

What GIFT to I return to Him in exchange?  My praise, my honor, my devotion, my loyalty, my willingness to share His work in my life.  It will be nothing in comparison to His ultimate GIFT of His Son, whose love far surpasses all else I could ever dream of offering.