Five Minute Friday – FEAR

I have got my cup of coffee in hand and ready to surf over to to find out today’s word….here we go….5 minutes


We are told to FEAR THE LORD, that God has not given us the spirit of FEAR but of love and power and self-control (a sound mind).  But fear often grips us at the core of our spirit.  We fear the unknown, mostly things we have no control over.  Fear strangles our abilities to accomplish tasks, to move forward in life, and to follow through with convictions or goals we wish to achieve.

I still have fear.  Moving out by faith a couple of years ago in search of a new direction in my career, I found peace and joy.  It took much trust and confidence and dependence upon God, but He directed my path and has brought great comfort in the path.  But I still fear on a daily basis the things I cannot control.  Why do I not learn from those precious times where I feel the arms of God surrounding me?…I am thankful for this time…today…this very Friday….it’s a reminder that He would have me embrace His power and love and self-control rather than the fear that can paralyze my thoughts and take captive the peace and joy.

I Samuel 12:24

But be sure to fear the LORD and serve him faithfully with all your heart; consider what great things he has done for you.



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