Las Ramblas Trail Hiking Fun

Throughout the past week, I began a new unit with my geography class on physical geography.  While most may think this is the time where we discuss latitude and longitude, climate, etc., I actually focus on Creation and nature.  During the lectures and activities this week, I encouraged each student to take time to appreciate Creation.  This took me back to many hikes I have been on, so I called upon my best friend and sister.  We generally hike Peter’s Canyon in Orange, but I wanted a different view this weekend. So, we braved the congested 5 fwy and made our way to a hiking trail in San Juan Capistrano.  It was a great find because we only saw 5 or 6 people the entire time, there were some inclines along the way, in addition to great views.

California has been dealing with this horrific drought for the past few years, so many of the trails in SoCal are so dried up.  This one is not an exception, but the views of the water are magical.  Also, if you stand and just take in the view opposite the ocean, you can see the outline of the mountains that outline the edge of our cities.  The billows of clouds were scattered throughout the sky as well and offered us a great panoramic scene.  So, I share some highlights of our day and want to be sure to glorify God through it all thanking Him for the much needed time with my sister, the reminders of His majesty in nature, the excellent workout that didn’t require a busy gym….and the breakfast that followed.


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