Five Minute Friday – Trust

This week’s Five Minute Friday prompt is:


Five minutes of writing without editing…time starts NOW!!!

This one took some introspection….I have always believed that you could trust me with anything.  You can tell me a concern or “secret” or anything going on in your life and I feel that you could trust me to keep that between us.  I still believe that.  However, I wanted to think further….am I someone that you can trust to be honest?  Are there things that possibly I hide from everyone about myself?

The truth of Scripture reminds us that the “eyes of the Lord are in all places beholding the good and the evil.”  Even if I have been able to fool myself or others, I can trust that the Lord knows my heart…this needs to be constantly in the forefront of my mind.

Then my mind also goes to the idea of maintaining and earning trust.  Just the other day, a student once again told me that he had his work done, just did not bring it to class.  I had to be honest and tell him that he had not earned my trust…he did not have a positive reputation of being forthright with his work habits. He would have to earn that trust back.

This is the hardest part about trust….It takes sometimes years to earn it and just one moment of a lapse in judgment to lose it.



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  1. Well-said, and I can really relate to the story about the student…I was once a teacher, and I was there. Often!

    #6 at FMF this week.

  2. Trust is a fragile thing indeed, easily lost in a moment. But it’s something so important that we take so much effort to regain it if we messed up…or to learn to trust again when people lose our trust. Sometimes, it takes faith and a lot of prayers to rebuild trust. Thankfully, we have a God who can be trusted at all times.

    Visiting from Kate’s FMF party 🙂

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