Didn’t even Know if I could Dance

Welcome to Five Minute Friday found by going to this site by Kate Motaung

This is meant to be a free write, which means: no editing, no over-thinking, no worrying about perfect grammar or punctuation.

Just write.  

Today’s prompt is DANCE

You have turned my mourning into dancing, Lord, now my feet are  filled with your praise.  You have clothed my spirit with a robe of JOY, you’ve cast my sorrow away.

I grew up listening to this fun song by Steve Green, but never really ever experienced the joyful part of dancing.  I know that pop culture tends to turn any good form of dancing into something that shouldn’t be a prominent part of a Christian’s life, but I think there is something to say about the exuberance and celebration that comes with dancing.  I grew up in a community where dancing was really prohibited in all forms and even our church worship tended to be extremely mellow.  We didn’t ever get “excited” about the words sung or show emotion when singing except for maybe the raised eyebrows and energy we could show on our faces.

With that being said, I came into my adulthood without ever really knowing if I could dance.  But in recent years, I have taken to demonstrating a few rhythmic moves.  Worship includes more than just a tap of the foot and when I hear a song on the radio (whether sacred or secular), I don’t mind being moved to MOVE a little.   I do have to admit that I don’t really have any moves for the dance floor; however, I will often take the opportunity to burn some calories and join in with friends as they raise their hands, shuffle their feet, and sing along to the melody.

“Dancing” and praising and showing the demonstration of the joy (for me personally in my Christian life) comes from being filled with a Spirit of celebration of the wonderful work of God and the way He has allowed me to overcome obstacles as well as be emotionally changed when I think of who He is, how He sent His Son, and the eternal life I now live through the risen Savior I serve.  (Last loooong sentence before the 5 minutes are up…..sorry that was probably not written effectively, but look past it to the message)

…now to enjoy my last sip of coffee and head to a wonderful Friday….dancing along the way.




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  1. I love to tap along to the music especially while driving… it gives others a reason to chuckle and I smile and wave as we continue to dance along. It’s a good thing! Thanks for sharing these words with us! Happy Friday to you! (Your neighbor at FMF)

  2. oh my, I love to move to the music in our church and YES i am almost age 61 who cares? I love it… dancing is exercise, it is movement and it is so full of worship intent.

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