Five Minute Friday – What’s YOUR address?


Today, I pause for Five Minutes to write and reflect…the nice thing for you as a reader is that my five minutes of writing is probably less than a minute of reading.  I hope that these moments can encourage, entertain, or just allow you to get to know me better.  Join in if you like….connect with Kate Motaung to find out more. This is meant to be a free write, which means: no editing, no over-thinking, no worrying about perfect grammar or punctuation.

This week’s Prompt:  DWELL


He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty.  – Psalm 91:1

When I was younger, my pastor would spend the first weeks of each year in a different Psalm that coincided with the year.  (Psalm 91 was the series of sermons for 1991).  I will never forget the premise that he had that year was “What is your address?”  He used Psalm 91:1 as the central verse to remind us to set up our permanent dwelling abiding in the shelter and shadow of God.


It is there that we find



Eternal Security

Protection from evil






It is there that we escape


Fear of man


Lack of resources


As I think about my physical address and the home that I return to each day, I am reassured of the comfort it affords and how much more I want to make a DAILY CHOICE to seek my permanent emotional and mental DWELLing in the “Shelter of the Most High” and the “Shadow of the Almighty.”  What a greater comfort and peace awaits for me there!







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  1. I love Psalm 91 and I quoted it in my post too. I love how you list the blessings we find and the things we escape if we dwell in God’s shelter. I want that to be my address, the place I always return to.

  2. what a wonderful and simple to follow idea your pastor had! dwelling, settling in, making our presence with the Lord our actual address 😉

    I’m visiting from FMF, where I’m parked in the #17 spot. So happy to get to know more bloggers!

  3. Love this picture you gave us via your pastor. I’ve been reflecting a lot on that this year, but then in the context of Abiding in the Vine. Beautiful to see the parallels in this Scripture. Thank you for your words. (Visiting via Five Minute Friday).

  4. Jenn,
    well I’m so glad you are next door this week. I’ve been journeying a lot through Psalms the last three months. I love the thought of the “address”!! This was such a great list of what God does for us and what He protects us from. 🙂 Your kindred thoughts were so delightful!
    #15 on the linkup this week

  5. An awesome list of blessings! Great minds think alike with our chosen verse or maybe it is just God needing to say something to many of us today! no. 6 at FMF

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