Five minute Friday : Table


Right or wrong, our kitchen table isn’t always the place we come to eat. I generally come home and spread out my work at the table and use the dining room as an office. The great thing about my dining tables/office desks has been the memories of how I got them. Joel and I bought a new table together about a year ago. We had a good time together figuring out what table to get and have been pleased with the purchase  ( see the top left pic). This table replaced a table that we had for about 10 years. That table proved to be a blessing and a curse. Joel knew I wanted a table and so while I was away in Greece, he purchased the table (bottom right). He put the whole thing together by himself. I was so happy that we Had our first new table. It was functional and met the decor need I had at the time. But over the years , each of the chairs began falling apart. The screws would fall out onto the floor; then I would plead for joel to put them back together again, which he always graciously did.

that table reminds me of thoughtfulness, selflessness and care that has been a constant in my relationship with my husband. So blessed to have him in my life.


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  1. What a beautiful way to think of something as simple as a table!

  2. What a blessing your husband is! And your new table is beautiful!

  3. What a unique-looking table. Love it!
    #52 at FMF this week

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