Seasons – Saturday’s Post for Five Minute Friday

We recognize seasons with celebration. Summer means flip flops and beach trips. Fall means Halloween is approaching with decorations and fall food. Spring is a time to plant new little seeds that we can visually and aromatically enjoy. Winter brings celebration of family and friends and the gift of Christ’s birth. While in California the visual differences between the changing seasons may not be as strikingly obvious as they are in other places, the mental changes definitely have their time. I just read the other day that Americans gain 8-10 pounds during the holidays. The inclination to bake and drink hot cocoa and gather with people around food definitely can play a toll on our healthy summer salad living.

We also go through “seasons of life,” as many refer to them. There may be days, weeks, months, or even years where life flows smoothly by. Jobs are a plenty, we enjoy our kids, we approach life with an overwhelming positive approach and take time to show gratitude. But. Then. Life. Turns. Difficult circumstances come and it’s a little more difficult to dedicate time to ministry or just see friends on a regular basis. A big project comes up at work, deterring us from making quality time for people or even to take care of ourselves.

I can easily become  grinch this time of year as I wrap up that last couple of weeks of school, working to get all my students motivated to stay the course.  Decorating and finding time to find gifts can stress me out….just look at the parking lots filled with cars (ain’t nobody got time for that).

Whatever it may be, I pray that I can remember the things that matter during this season of the year and of my life.  A husband who works hard. A daughter who strives to do well in school. A mother-in-law going through chemo. A dad overcoming heart issues. Family….they matter.  Students.  They matter. Some with deep concerns during the season they are in.  Friends. They matter.  Church. Inviting others to the hope and peace of Christ. It matters.


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  1. Remembering things that matter…I like that.

  2. Amen! It all matters! I am taking this year and stepping back to just focus on the season.

  3. I’m your neighbor over there at FMF and coming by to say hello! Well written… and yes, it all matters… how we live and move and have our being in all said seasons of life.


  4. Amen!!! Wise words.

    ~#96 this week

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