Transportation decisions….and a lesson on Discipleship

So, I felt like I was caught between the 1800s and 2015 this morning.  Unfortunately for my husband, he has had to deal with 2 car issues this week.  Unfortunately for me, one of those was a flat tire this morning.  This meant that getting to church was going to pose a challenge – I could walk like they did years ago, or I could take advantage of the technological age and stream my church service online.  I chose the latter 🙂

Glad I didn’t just give up and find something else to do around the house or continue grading papers.  I stopped to spend some time with my church in non-conventional way.  Pastor Bruce Garner has spent the last two weeks stepping away from his expository methods and has been led to discuss the topic of discipleship.  While not new to this topic, I always love how the Holy Spirit uses the preaching and teaching of Crosspoint Church  to approach topics I have learned my whole life.  There’s usually new life breathed into topics that sometimes can become repetitive.  Just wanted to spend a few moments here to review for myself…and share with anyone who may need some of these great reminders.

  • Discipling, as demonstrated by Christ and the apostle Paul, goes beyond the gospel message; it deals with life to life engagement
  • Discipleship relationships require us to get close enough to care and requires intentional interaction and leadership
  • Just hoping something sticks isn’t good enough
  • The outcome is that believers become mature in Christ

I appreciated the visuals that my pastor reminded us of, as found in Paul’s epistle to the Thessalonians.  That disciple makers are likened unto nursing mothers and admonishing fathers.  This teaches me that

  • I am required to be inconvenienced at times.  Babies don’t just get fed according to a schedule all the time.  There are times when babies need immediate attention and care.  When there’s a need, a mother looks for it to be met.  When the lives of those I seek to disciple falls apart, they should know that I am there.
  • I need to be willing to encourage others to grow in Christ. We will both grow in maturity since there is a necessity to be an example of growth as well.
  • I can reach these needs through the strength that God so graciously provides (Colossians 1:29)

The value I took away from today’s message is summed up in these two thoughts.  “Both the message and the method of Jesus are sacred….  Participating in the life of others shouldn’t just be characterized by convenience but rather by mutual commitment. “

Take this time to reflect as I once again evaluate where I am in my relationship with Christ.  He calls me to dedicate myself to “make disciples” (Matthew 28:18-20).  It’s not just a request…it’s an imperative, a command.  Where are we in commitment to this task?  It shouldn’t take as much consideration as I have given.  I should act.  It’s just that simple.

Find the whole message here. (the message should post in a day or two, but sermon 1 from last week is posted already – it’s a good start)


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