Five Minute Friday: Lose

I lose things often.  I like to think of it as just misplacing things; however, it doesn’t always end up that easy.  Keys, phone, important papers, um… mind at times.  It never fails that no matter what system I have for placing things in a particular place, once a day, I go searching.  I think this is most frustrating with paperwork.  As a teacher, I copy, hand out and take in papers on an hourly basis.  I try to organize myself and plan ahead and it never fails that one of those pages I copied last week (in order to be ahead of the game) gets placed in a file that I have created and then I just can’t find it.  While I was on the plane to Louisville, I did some reading in Real Simple magazine about organization.  One of the main things is to have a place for things to go…touch it once, and place it in the proper place.

Perhaps my main issue is that I am always re-organizing my organization system.  Let’s just figure out what works and keep it….maybe I will have to remember that one when September starts.  As for now, I don’t want to LOSE any minutes of summer, so I am headed to the beach.  Taking advantage of each moment to enjoy creation, hear the waves, and read a good book from my WANT list in last week’s post.


Five Minute Friday is meant to be a free write, which means: no editing, no over-thinking, no worrying about perfect grammar or punctuation. – Link up with Kate Motaung and join the fun


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  1. I’m mostly not too bad at keeping track of things but I am terrible with pieces of paper. I think I have it organised but I can never find the one I want without searching through the whole pile.
    I liked your post and hope you enjoy your summer break.

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