Power of Collaborative Conversationson

One of my favorite things to do in my classroom is to have students discuss topics. This could be their responding to a reading selection, taking a position on an issue, reflecting on a writing assignment, or reviewing content for an assessment. Most students will entertain the discussion and some excel at it, but there’s always the few who don’t embrace it. They either share something brief and shallow, or they find a way to not participate. I always take opportunities to encourage them to have these collaborative experiences and to listen and share. I try to convince them that there is power in collaboration. There is growth that can occur in one’s thinking when embracing discussion, listening to other points of view and working to develop your own.

So I was encouraged in the last view days through a couple of unexpected encounters with people I hold dear. People who spark thinking and reflection.

  • walking with dad – “what are you reading or studying that has you thinking lately?” Honestly, I couldn’t say a thing. I’m a teacher and supporter of being a lifelong learner, but I have let some lazy habits replace valuable ones. While our conversation was great, I was convicted. I haven’t been digging into Scripture or reading any books. So I changed that the moment I got home. This week, I’m back at it…ready to explore and discover wisdom and knowledge.
  • talking with Voxer group about Girl, Wash Your Face- this has included some personal as well as some virtual communication with friends about a book that has influenced over a million readers. This is another great part of collaborative conversations. It gets you asking questions and researching and more reflecting – to see if your values and convictions and beliefs are rightly aligned to the Word or Truth.
  • The Real Life Podcast “The Dark Side of our Life-hacking and productivity culture”
    • Chase Christ, not Culture
    • When it’s ok to be mediocre in pursuits that aren’t about gospel life

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