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Are you willing to save a date in 2016 for me?

Our church is going to be studying the book of Philippians in the coming weeks, so today, Joel and I looked at the first chapter and just spent time discussing observations and ways to apply the content.

We both stopped on chapter 1, verse 27

Only conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ, so that whether I come and see you or remain absent, I will hear that you are standing firm, with one mind striving together for the faith of the gospel

Is my conduct worthy of the gospel?

  • honesty in dealing with others
  • genuine concern for students, co-workers, neighbors, family
  • my interactions with friends

How am I living out gospel truth, compassion, conviction, so that I can take opportunity to share what God has done to change and redeem my life?

I am recently full of questions about my faith more than any other time in my life.  These questions are driving me to desire to KNOW God more and more.  To EXPLORE Scripture, ASK questions, and APPROACH God with a humble mind, soul, and spirit.  To THINK about God.

What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us – AW Tozer

I want my conversations of 2016 to revolve around the quest for KNOWING God.

Can we make a date to share our thoughts and questions…to study together….to grow closer to each other by growing closer to God?


I am positively overwhelmed…and enjoying every moment

Well, perhaps I haven’t embraced that perspective fully…but here are today’s thoughts…at this very moment

So… general approach to work and life…right now means boxes and lists.


What do you do when you have over 400 different pieces of student work to grade…you put them all in a box, take them home and hopefully look at 1 or 2…hundred of them before Monday


When you are looking for possible places to call home, you organize your “wants” and “needs” on a spreadsheet (handwritten because you haven’t had time to go get ink for the printer and print out the neat and clean version in EXCEL)


You keep track of all that you have done by creating a TO GRADE list and work to feel accomplished knowing that you can put a checkmark next to a couple


You box up your life in hopes that you will be placing these earthly trinkets in a new place (by the way, some of these boxes have been packed and in this room for over a year)


Despite your best efforts to not feel the waves of overwhelming circumstances and tasks and just general life complications…your heart palpitates off the charts and works against successfully TRUSTING in God’s great love and compassion and care


You are reminded that

From the end of the earth I will cry to You,
When my heart is overwhelmed;
Lead me to the rock that is higher than I. – Psalm 61:2

And are thankful and overwhelmed by HIS 





And you write and reflect because of the wonderful way it becomes a journal of the journey and a time to take a break

Hope Beyond the Grave


Powerful reminder that following Christ isn’t (and can’t) just be based on my faith. It’s about a historical event that cannot be denied. The gospel goes beyond hope for a better life today …. There’s a hope beyond the grave. We will live eternally; may we “proclaim it in his name, to all nations” (Luke 24:53) while we have the amazing freedom to do so. Thanks @brucegarnerhb @crosspointhbchurch for teaching truth consistently and responsibly

So so blessed by my church and the ability to spend my Sabbath with others who are empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Las Ramblas Trail Hiking Fun

Throughout the past week, I began a new unit with my geography class on physical geography.  While most may think this is the time where we discuss latitude and longitude, climate, etc., I actually focus on Creation and nature.  During the lectures and activities this week, I encouraged each student to take time to appreciate Creation.  This took me back to many hikes I have been on, so I called upon my best friend and sister.  We generally hike Peter’s Canyon in Orange, but I wanted a different view this weekend. So, we braved the congested 5 fwy and made our way to a hiking trail in San Juan Capistrano.  It was a great find because we only saw 5 or 6 people the entire time, there were some inclines along the way, in addition to great views.

California has been dealing with this horrific drought for the past few years, so many of the trails in SoCal are so dried up.  This one is not an exception, but the views of the water are magical.  Also, if you stand and just take in the view opposite the ocean, you can see the outline of the mountains that outline the edge of our cities.  The billows of clouds were scattered throughout the sky as well and offered us a great panoramic scene.  So, I share some highlights of our day and want to be sure to glorify God through it all thanking Him for the much needed time with my sister, the reminders of His majesty in nature, the excellent workout that didn’t require a busy gym….and the breakfast that followed.

Five Minute Friday – Belong

The Gypsy Mama shares this great idea to write every Friday for 5 minutes on a topic.

Want to take five minutes with me and just write without worrying if it’s just right or not.


I look out over the desk in front of me and wonder, “Where does this paper/note/idea belong?”  I have been reading this book about Organization for Teachers. Friends and family look at me funny when they hear me say that I don’t think I am organized because I have kept up this facade that I have things going on in that department.  However, I am a “stacks” girl.  I generally know WHAT stack something is located in, but generally speaking, things don’t Belong in that kind of chaos.  So, I will work toward accomplishing the goal of becoming a little more organized each day.

This brings me to life, however.  Sometimes I just don’t feel like I BELONG.  It’s difficult to meet new people…I think, “I don’t belong with this group.”  It is narrowed down to insecurity.  Generally, I get through it and have met some pretty awesome people when I open up and share myself with others.  But it is definitely one of those areas I am gifted in.

I am blessed to belong to the King.  I am His child and never have a need to worry about how I belong in His life.  I can see it through His care over me, His protection, His provision, His guidance, and the security I have in knowing that I don’t have to “hope to fit in”;  I am automatically accepted.  Thank you, Father.

Desiring to Know God More

On top of a growing desire rekindled within me to try to know God more, a recent workshop I attended inspired and encouraged me to develop a biography of God.  My mind immediately turned to a book I purchased 3 years ago – My Biography of God by Sam Brock.  I came home from the workshop and found that book, realized I barely started developing it, and became excited about getting back to it.  Basically, it’s a way to weekly study one portion of scripture and become saturated in that one portion, reflecting on God’s character and recording that character interactively throughout the book.  It’s not a completed book about God that someone else wrote – It’s MY reflections on God and a way for me to be reminded of the goodness, omnipotence, wisdom, peace, patience, redemption, etc. of God in my life.  I get to write it and study and memorize along the way.

So, I start this week on Colossians 1:9-29 “By Him All Things Consist.”  I hope to share things I come across along the way, and hopefully stay with it for the weeks ahead.

I am so thankful for the Creation God allows us to enjoy daily; I want to know the God of this Creation more