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A Surprise Impact of Someone Else’s New Beginnings

So, if I am being completely honest (and showing a little transparency) I would have to admit something.  Ever since I can remember, I become extremely uncomfortable when my church service doesn’t follow the normal pattern.  This is especially true when my pastor is gone or when other people are speaking.  I know that whenever the Word of God is preached, truth is proclaimed and I should not care.  So, yes, I will admit that this isn’t a flattering piece of information to share; it is just my response.  I usually feel really uneasy…maybe it’s because I do not like new things.  Maybe I place too much emphasis on the speaker.  Whatever it may be…it just is.  So, today, my pastor was at church; but he introduced another pastor who would be sharing the sermon.  So, as usual, I became uneasy and, to be perfectly honest, sort a shut him out for a bit.

But because I realize this about myself, I have a created a coping mechanism….take notes and write thoughts down.  As a teacher, I am constantly encouraging students to find something for themselves in every class period even if they are not being entertained or if the lesson seems uninteresting or unimportant. So, I work to be a better example of my own advice.

As the pastor continued, I maintained my attentiveness and after about 15 minutes, I realized just why he was speaking today.  He shared testimony of the direction God was taking his life….he is leaving our church and starting a church plant.  He went on to share all the ways that God used a variety of unconnected circumstances, people, coffee shop visits, twitter messages, and brought them all together to make sense of the WILL HE had for this pastor.

I was so impressed and moved by his testimony.  He is a 51 year old man with grown older children, but he has realized that the comfortable life he has lived for over 20 years was being shaken up. There was a new beginning.  God has new plans to uproot him and plant him in a community that desperately needs a man sensitive to the needs of the homeless, the educated, and others that have obvious need for spiritual awakening and change.  I could see why God would choose this man.  Even though I really do not know this pastor, it is obvious through his words today that he has a genuine concern and a willingness to show compassion to needy people.  He has worked for years ministering to children, but his heart is also sensitive to different demographic of people, just as all of our hearts should be.

So, I am thankful for the change in today’s church service.  I need to hear testimony of amazing transformation in the mind of others.  Thank you, Pastor Paul Persi for sharing your heart and soul.

The power of the Holy Spirit 

Calls us away sometimes from the things we love

To the things that scare us most

To things that challenge us

To things that will amaze us

It will be hard

It is never too late to change course and start to TRUST

Acts 1:8  But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses  in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth


Hope Beyond the Grave


Powerful reminder that following Christ isn’t (and can’t) just be based on my faith. It’s about a historical event that cannot be denied. The gospel goes beyond hope for a better life today …. There’s a hope beyond the grave. We will live eternally; may we “proclaim it in his name, to all nations” (Luke 24:53) while we have the amazing freedom to do so. Thanks @brucegarnerhb @crosspointhbchurch for teaching truth consistently and responsibly

So so blessed by my church and the ability to spend my Sabbath with others who are empowered by the Holy Spirit.

She Shares: Not just created, but FORMED

Gen. 2:7  the Lord God FORMED the man of the dust of the ground

Phil 1:6 being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

What a mighty and awesome Creator who took time to intentionally FORM us into a beautiful creation and then continues to form us into HIS complete purpose, no matter how great or small in our eyes. May we live today, being confident that HE directs our life and wants us to be transFORMED by His will (Romans 12:2). Take on the laundry, the chores, the schoolwork, the work-work, the relationships of our day, the care of our children, the choices, knowing that HE is a loving and caring God who fashions each moment. May I submit to the great things HE has planned for my day.



She Reads Truth

She Shares – On Prayer and Detox

A few weeks ago, I attended a wellness retreat where I was enabled to eat Clean foods and experience some great physical activity.  I started following one of the fitness instructors Bobbi McCormick on Twitter and then linked up to a hashtag #shereadstruth Bobbi had tweeted. Long story short…I have linked up to a group that shares things they are learning from their daily devotions.  Currently, there is an accountability group reading through devotions on Prayer through the YouVersion app.  (You can do the plans online even if you don’t have a SmartPhone)  I have become enthralled with this group as the team posts weekly verses for memorization that you can make into your own little creation and save as a lockscreen on your phone.  

Through YouVersion, I first started a series on Soul Detox.  It appealed to me since I had just returned from a Physical Detox.  It’s 5 weeks and goes through things in our lives that are toxic – week 1: thoughts, week 2: words, week 3: fear.  Here are some lessons learned this week

  • Embrace wisdom and seek God’s Word so that I may respond to toxic words around me in a godly way (Proverbs 4)
  • I speak toxic words because I lack self-control (James 3)
  • Speak LIFE-GIVING words; Replace CLAMOR (shouting angrily) with a sincere tone and attitude that matches the kindness I so desperately want to show others (this mostly applies to the CLAMOR that can come out at home)   Ephesians 4:17-33
  • When you think positively about someone, share it with them (Matthew 12: 22-37)
  • Toxic fears drive much of my day – fear of inadequacy, not getting enough done, fear of failing.  So many days, I draw inward and just don’t attempt life – I don’t reach out to others.  I want that fear to be replaced with power. love, and self-control (II Timothy 1:1-18)

The current lessons on Prayer from SheReadsTruth started over a week ago. I love that I can tweet a pic and then follow others who have done the same.  I don’t know these people, but I love sharing what I have learned.  I know that my instagram followers may get tired of seeing a bunch of pics of my journal pages, but it is my way of staying accountable.  Here are some reminders and lessons learned:

  • May I never fail to bring my troubles to a God who hears me day or night and who is loyal and good to answer my cry (Psalm 55:16-17)
  • If you refuse to obey what you have been taught, your prayers will not be heard (Proverbs 28:9)
  • The one who humbles himself in prayer will be exalted (Luke 18:1-14)
  • Christ begged the Father to sanctify His disciples and to keep them from evil (John 17).  May I lift others up in this same way
  • I don’t want my insecurities take me away from the path and direction that God has established for me – May I continue to pray for His guidance (I Kings 8:44-45)

What lessons from God’s Word are you ready to share with others today?  Are you prepared to be accountable by letting others know?